That is weird!  This morning – now I’m not sure if I should even write this publiclky any longer.

Okay, here it is.  The night was quiet enough.  The only thing is that my cat Mia was perched staring at my door.  What I mean is that cats will do that sort of thing when anticipating prey – but I had never seen her do this before.

She was simply sitting – and I’m not sure that cats have an expression – but if there is one it wass be alert.  Something is going on out there.


That itself isn’t weird because cats are weird.  But around eight, there was that distinctive rapping – soft and steady – on my front door and I got my pants on, put my false teeth in, said, “wait a minute Carl” and opened the door slowly.  Mia who had been – I am a little shaken and I do see the spell check red wiggly lines – and I hopened the door.  Carl was standing there holding a spoon.  You know, a regular spoon.

He was staring at me through cataracts (really really bad eyes) holding up the teaspoon like the guy with the pitchfork in Gothic American – waiting for me.  I’ll tell you about Carl later.  My fingers are shaknig too badly to type.

Well – come in; come in.  Very funny.

Oh, and Mia the cat went running under the bed when I opened the door.  She afraid of Carl.  = Very loud guy.  A guy that will argue with oyu about just about anything but more…

I got the story out of him, and it was simple.  He’s the next door neighbor.  Everyone has one in an apartment building.  He hands the spoon over to me with a grim smile.

Hardy har har har -says I.

Not mine.

I was headed for the park and picked this spoon up for you…  It was ri9ght here.

Jeez, hold on a sec.  now there’s someone else at the door.