The Spoon Mystery

Well sure there’s a story behind this – but I don’t know what the hell it is.


First floor of my apt. building (yesterday).  I’m in a third floor walkup.  Anyway, yesterday I was bringing the garbage out, one stuffed bag in each hand, and this spoon thing is at the bottom of the stairs – and I step over it thinking, got to get a shot of this, but hands being filled with garbage I step over it and end up sitting downstairs for about 15 minutes (nice sun yesterday) and when I return the spoons have been messed up (that’s this shot).

I sort of wish I had gotten the shot before someone with a dog came through and messed them up a little.

Oh, one more possible clue: the apartment has been empty for a long time.  Nobody lives there (that I know of).  And if there is somebody there, I really don’t want to know who they are since I’m certain, in the dim recesses – that this doesn’t bode well.

Haven’t been out yet today, but if they are still there, I’ll take another shot, but it has a sort of “red door” weirdness.  Then again, maybe it’s only weird because it is the door to the unknown!