Photoblog June 2000

6-2-2000 Not much new. Although I’m getting about 5 new registrations per day, nobody seems willing to buy a screensaver, which I thought at least a couple of people would like. C’est la vie. Either I don’t know how to sell them, or the price is too high, or its a long way from liking … [Read more…]

Photoblog Journal Feb Mar 2000

2-3-2000 I’m not sure where I left off. Interesting web developments lately. Apparently lots of people have been ripping off my images from the site and using them as graphic material on their own sites. Always thought that might happen. But was surprised to see some of my stuff showing up as the main splash … [Read more…]

December Photo Journal 1999

Man and Woman

[I’m not really sure when the word blog was invented tho I think it might’ve been when Blogger became big.  In 1999, there may have been blogging software around but I didn’t know about it.  So one thing that was interesting, was that I organized the journal (as I called it) by months.  One page … [Read more…]