Memorial Day Sale – Not

Yeah, everyone in business has a Memorial Day Sale; or a Memorial Weekend Sale; or a Christmas Sale; or a Washington’s Birthday Sale; or any sale for any reason; but I don’t feel like it.

Oh, and so I decided to try and revive the blog (which you are reading now) from the dead.  I think the reason is that social media is mostly for the short form.  Yes, I’ve tried to put longish posts on facebook (hereafter referred to as FB) but you really do put your thoughts and writing into the hands of someone else when you do that and they are in control of your screen.  If they decide (sure it’s nothing personal) to let your posts show up in other people’s newsfeeds then they do.  What they base this on is a secret, but you are at the hands of that mass of clicking, sharing, and I’m certain drooling people that — (strike that drooling thing, don’t know where that came from) – FBers.


Well, you were one of them too, I tell myself.  You’re as bad as the rest.

It’s a popularity contest, and that – I have not been good at.  There are two major things going on with social media in general: ENDORPHIN KISSES (LIKES) and SUPER-ENDORPHIN-KISSES (SHARES); and of course ADVERTISING KISSES (payment for page views).

I’m just going to start typing again in the blog (what you’re reading now) and if you’re interested: GREAT.  And if not: FINE.

What you can do in a blog that you can’t do on FB: text adornment.  Font adornment.  Write in an atmosphere where you aren’t constantly interrupted by notification chatter.  Well, anyway – this is a more comfortable environment for the long form (even tho this post isn’t long).

Hey, here’s a blockquote.  You’ve been missed my friend!

In other words, here is a place where you are free to express yourself.  That’s a pretty good thing.

I’ve been working on long form posts for awhile, but they’re all still half-finished or in drafts.

Oh.  I’ll be posting links to this on FB, and I’ll comment and share links.  It’s no extra work for me – I just hit the PUBLISH BUTTON and this baby is posted to all and any social media.

And since pictures are worth a whole lot of words, sometimes – here’s the WordPress screen that I’m using to compose this…

OH YEAH – the rule line.  Love it!

Wordpress Screenshot

WordPress Screenshot