Protest Music

This may seem like a whimsical question, but it ain’t.   Dylan, Ochs, Odetta.  Songs like Masters of War… oh, the list goes on.  So did the beat.  Where have all the writers gone (flowers) long time passing.

My question is for the younger generations.  And I’m serious.  Are there great new protest songs being written?  And have major pop stars written or performed songs that the crowd can sing and march to.

Every political leader knows the importance of music in moving people.  Every war has it’s own anthem.

So it’s a serious question; and I’m guessing it’s just a lack of knowledge on my part that I don’t know the new tunes – except that the last few rallies I’ve been to I haven’t heard new political music.

Maybe they’re all in the rap world?

Here a handful of songwriters and performers going back to the 40s.  I’m sure you can add more.