Breakfast New York

Quarter After Eight

Joint on the corner of Lex. and 86th.  Long gone.  This is from the early ’90s.  People eating or drinking at counters facing the street: another street shot that appears so often.

Protest Music

Joe Hill

This may seem like a whimsical question, but it ain’t.   Dylan, Ochs, Odetta.  Songs like Masters of War… oh, the list goes on.  So did the beat.  Where have all the writers gone (flowers) long time passing. My question is for the younger generations.  And I’m serious.  Are there great new protest songs being … [Read more…]

Three Sisters

Three Sisters

Meet the Rifkins.  Mom, youngest of three sisters.  The older girls were born in Russia.  My mom was born here.  They arrived here as immigrants.  Refugees.  My grandfather, Charles had been an oboe player, not just any oboe player but first oboe in the Moscow Symphony orchestra (something along those lines). I know very little … [Read more…]



That is weird!  This morning – now I’m not sure if I should even write this publiclky any longer. Okay, here it is.  The night was quiet enough.  The only thing is that my cat Mia was perched staring at my door.  What I mean is that cats will do that sort of thing when … [Read more…]

The Spoon Mystery


Well sure there’s a story behind this – but I don’t know what the hell it is. THE FACTS AS I KNOW ‘EM First floor of my apt. building (yesterday).  I’m in a third floor walkup.  Anyway, yesterday I was bringing the garbage out, one stuffed bag in each hand, and this spoon thing is … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Sale – Not

couple 3721

Yeah, everyone in business has a Memorial Day Sale; or a Memorial Weekend Sale; or a Christmas Sale; or a Washington’s Birthday Sale; or any sale for any reason; but I don’t feel like it. Oh, and so I decided to try and revive the blog (which you are reading now) from the dead.  I … [Read more…]